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LaserWise Skin & Beauty Clinic has been created to provide the highest standards of Aesthetics and Laser treatment in all of Cardiff. LaserWise has a goal which is to help people with any issues they have with their skin, face and body. Whether it’s removing unwanted hair, or treating severe sun damaged/aged skin, we want to be able to make people look and feel more confident and to look the best they can. We will only offer high quality treatments and products, which comply with the Health and Safety standards, that truly work and that will make a difference to our clients. We believe the work that we do changes lives, we have seen this first hand and we want to continue to do so as there is nothing more rewarding.

Clients will benefit from the services we offer as we can help them with many issues, such as removing mistakes they may have made in the past, with treatments such as Tattoo removal. We can enhance their natural beauty by removing unwanted blemishes that they may have gained over the years, due to excess sun exposure, environmental damage, smoking or drinking, with treatments such as IPL Skin Rejuvenation. Our treatments not only help with how people look externally but also improves how people feel by giving them the confidence, reassurance and contentment that they may have lost over the years. LaserWise isn’t just about the treatments we offer, but the whole personal experience.

A well run clinic will always value each and every client and their views. It takes months to gain a client’s trust and only a few minutes to lose it. Therefore, we believe, a satisfied client is the key to a successful, well run clinic. Client care is our utmost priority. We will go that extra mile to ensure that our clients are happy with their service and continue to be a loyal customer in the future.

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The LaserWise Team

Our practitioners are highly trained & qualified in each service that they provide. All certificates can be accessed for clients to view at the clinic during our opening hours. We carry out monthly training days & practitioners are continuously tested to furthering their knowledge and skills, whilst keeping up-to-date with the latest techniques and technology trends. We strive to help people with their skin issues, even if it is something we cannot offer ourselves, we will always point you in the right direction.

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