Electrolysis in Cardiff

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Electrolysis in Cardiff

How does it work?

A tiny probe (about the same diameter as the hair) is inserted down into a follicle opening already present in the skin. The hair is gently released from the follicle with tweezers leaving the client’s hair free. The hair slides out easily without traction. The procedure is repeated on each unwanted hair to clear the area as much as possible within a given time frame whilst considering skin reaction. The probe is charged with a tiny amount of electrical current and you will feel either a build-up of warmth concentrated in the locality or a sensation similar to a slight sting. Sensation depends on the area and the method of epilation used. The next appointment will be made so that regular treatments are maintained. Electrolysis is the only permanent method of hair removal. However, each hair requires treatment several times to provide a solution that is ultimately permanent.

For successful and effective results, each hair requires repeated treatments. This is because each hair has its’ own growing cycle called Anagen, Catagen and Telogen. This is not unlike the ‘cycle of life’ with Anagen being the ‘alive’ and growing stage, Catagen the ‘collapsing’ stage where the hair collapses away from its source of food and nourishment (the dermal papilla) and the Telogen stage where the hair is ‘tired’ and dying and disconnected completely from its dermal papilla. Successful treatment for electrolysis (and incidentally also laser and IPL) has to target the hair in Anagen to achieve optimum results as it is the destruction of the dermal papilla which is required. Therefore results are not immediate and take a little time. Get in touch to book in your electrolysis in Cardiff!

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Should I have Electrolysis or Laser?

It doesn’t matter what type of hair you suffer with, here at LaserWise, we will find the solution best suitable for you. Here is a quick way of finding out which method will work best on you:


  • Works on all Hair and skin types
  • Works on any hair colour
  • Each hair is treated one at a time so can be time-consuming (not ideal for large areas i.e full legs)


  • Works on ONLY black/brown hairs (not white, red, blonde)
  • The thicker the hair, the better the result
  • Can treat many hairs in one go, great for treating large and small areas

Many clients that we treat tend to have a mixture of hair colours and types, therefore, we offer both treatments – Electrolysis and Laser and they achieve brilliant results but don’t worry, we are here to make that decision for you.

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